There is more to having a sauna session than sitting about...


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There is more to having a sauna session than sitting about on a sauna bench. 
It is a journey with various stations, at the end of which you can find the harmony of the body and soul. 

Sauna rules

Calm circumstances

For health reasons, start your sauna session with a refreshing shower. 

Be sure to spread  a towel over the sauna bench.

Sauna temperatures: 80-95 degrees Celsius 
You can add to the humidity of the air by pouring water on the stones. 
How long should you stay in the sauna?

Any  holding-out competitions are most unhealthy and run counter to the spirit of sauna. Naturally, the time spent having a sauna session is always personalized.
The primary rule is that you should stay in the heat as long as you feel fine. Physiologically, the recommended length of time that can be spent in one shot is 8 to 12 minutes, 4 to 8 minutes for beginners. 

A sauna session has two consecutive parts: heating up in the hot sauna, then cooling off and relaxing.  Over the cooling-off period, you can take a refreshing shower or dip in the water. Then sit down comfortably or lie down and rest for a few minutes before returning to the sauna. Plunging into frigid water and rolling in fresh snow are recommended only for experienced individuals. 

How many times should you return to the sauna?
You can repeat the heating-up and cooling-off parts as many times as you wish. The most common practice is heating up three times.

Ending a sauna session 
Take time to rest.

Use water generously to have a shower.  Avoid using shower gels and soaps.

The hot air has widened the pores of our skin. Our skin is now free from bacteria and other pollutants.

Crown your sauna session with a refreshing drink.

We wish you a pleasant stay.





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