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Steam bath

Steam baths were already used by the ancient Greeks. . Whe...



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Steam bath

Steam baths were already used by the ancient Greeks. .

When used properly, the steam bath works effectively to relieve stress, relax and refresh both the body and soul and improve the state of mind. What happens inside the steam bath? Who used it first? How does it affect the human system? How is the steam bath different from the sauna? How is it used? The practice of steam bathing

What is the steam bath?

The steam bath is a sweatchamber, in which the human system is calmed and revitalised and the skin is beautified. The optimum circumstances, under which it operates in the most effective way,  are temperatures between 43 and 50 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 80 to 100 per cent.
The ancient Greeks enjoyed using steam baths and this habit of theirs was shared by the ancient Romans. It was by adding their own tradition that the Ottomans created the hammam, the Turkish bath.

When do they recommend the use of the steam bath in the first place?

When properly used, steam has a relaxing and stress-relieving effect. Besides, it is fit to treat winter respiratory illnesses like sore throat, coughing and cold. In addition, steam can be employed to relieve symptoms of rheumatism and it works perfectly to cure dry, chapped skin.





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